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Want to move/vacate house/office quickly?

‘Brisbane Move’ is here to help with that last minute moves.  Need to make a quick exit, or contract on your house sale has gone through before 30 days, then we can assist you with a quick turnaround in house move.

In a perfect world you will have enough time on your hands to relocate your house or office.  It gives you a chance to hire a truck and removalist and secure any storage unit or other services you need well in advance. The whole lot is strategic and ready for the big day. However, in the real-world scenario, things may go haywire such as- the Movers you booked bailed out on you or their truck broke down or they simply did not turn up. In that situation, moving can become very stressful.

The solutions we provide to our clients is priceless, we can pack, unpack and assist you with the organisation of your bulking items being transported safely.

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The need for last minute removals is a pretty common occurrence every now and then, accommodating the same day removal is one thing Brisbane Move is renowned for. Our team will help you out of the catastrophic situation like truck broken down, delays, booked but not showing etc. All you need is a just give us a call and our executive team won’t let you have even a slightest of worry. Our team of 2 Men and a truck will be ready at the shortest of notice. We have a large fleet of trucks along with experienced removalists who are just one quick call away to assist you in relocating from A to B.



Our last minute moving truck is available witin a couple of hours.

Depending upon what type of last minute moving truck you wish to have for your goods and chattels, Brisbane Move brings forth the amazingly different varieties which are affordable.  Our staff are flexible and trustworthy and will provide you with a care free move.  Brisbane Move pride them safe in being affordable, maybe the cheapest in the Brisbane area.

Shift the stuff which is substantial and large in size:

When it comes to shifting the big boxes, hefty containers and other big items, the last minute furniture movers set protocols to how and when to initiate the move safely.

Our inexpensive last minute furniture movers do cost-cutting.

Speedily segregate the cracked, broken, and outdated items (if asked) to reduce the overall weightage which could eventually add up a lot to your invoices.

Booking on the same day is acceptable:

It can occur with several individuals that they decide to relocate their home/office but forget to make a reservation for the removal service provider. No Problem, we can help.

The Brisbane Moves are specialized in shifting your belongings

Not every removal service provider has the last minute moving help in your nearby area. However, there are some like us who probably can assist you with affordable prices and of course no extra cost for the last minute relocation. That tonic-loaded last minute moving help is something which only a few vendors could provide.

Always ready with boxes and vehicles:

Based in Brisbane, we are always ready with our vehicles to deliver you that ground-breaking relocation, moving your furniture from source to destined points.

Prices are under your budget:

We pride ourselves in being Brisbane's local professional last minute moves. We supply a last minute moving truck at affordable rates

Incredible support and effective availability:

If you are shifting your house and moving to some other vicinity, you have to pack and then unpack your belongings somehow but we help in that too.


Last minute moves, man with a van is now available

What are the services which are available with our last minute man with a van or truck, to to assist clients in Brisbane.

  • Make sure you receive all your high-priced things delivered on time, without any increase in delivery prices.
  • Accommodate any size residential shifting, restaurant moves, or office relocation in a flash.
  • Coordinate all your essential belongings as it will aid in an estimation of the items for a quick shift.
  • The utmost benefit is, the team is always available with a last minute man with a van.
  • Transfer your valuable belongings and momentous chattels with the help of last minute moving truck
  • Prepare a proof of letter in case, any item goes missing or gets damaged during transition.