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Musical instrument moving tips.

Musical instrument moving tips.

Everybody wants their musical instruments to sound as good as they are in your current house.   When planning a move, take additional steps to ensure that your musical instruments arrive in the same condition as they are now.

With years of experience in moving musical instruments, such as pianos, fragile things and costly belongings. We have few pointers to assist you to secure your precious instruments throughout your move.

Piano Removal 

Despite their size, pianos have many interior parts that are particularly prone to damage, such as strings, hammers, keys, and pedals.  When you combine it with their immense weight, moving a piano is a huge challenge.

Allowing your removalists to handle it is the best option. They will know exactly how to cushion it so that it arrives safely. When it arrives, it may be slightly out of tune due to temperature or moisture level changes. Allow it a few days to adjust to its new surroundings before calling the tuner. 

Brass Instruments While Moving

Despite their large sound and tough appearance, these instruments feature sensitive internal elements that can be destroyed by excessive shaking, such as the slides inside trombones and the valves inside trumpets.

They are also temperature sensitive due to their metal construction. Request that your movers keep them in the area of the truck where they will be best protected from significant temperature swings.

Stringed Instruments Removal 

Soundboard is constructed of wood, your guitar, cello, violin, or other stringed instrument will be extremely sensitive to fluctuations in moisture.

Inform your moving company that you have a stringed instrument so that they can take particular precautions when packing and loading it. Loosen the strings slightly before moving.

This way, any expansion caused by temperature variations will not cause damage. Maintain a little tension in the strings, but not the normal amount.


Consider removals insurance for complete peace of mind.  Hiring removalists with experience managing a wide range of equipment will ensure a worry-free move for your musical instruments. Book stress-free removals in Brisbane with Brisbane Move. Call us today!