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Packing and unpacking services, hassle free moves

Moving to a new home or office is very enthralling. However, it is also a very hassle ridden process that requires time, effort, cleaning, decluttering and packing. Worry no more, because Brisbane Move is here to solve your problems in a targeted manner. 

Our experts carefully check the packing materials and put them in stock only if they meet all the quality criteria. Our product range includes stretch wraps, adhesive products, packing boxes for retail, labels, tapes and wrapping equipment, bubble cushion for industrial use, pillows, plastic bags, covers, palletizing materials, lift and moving equipment and secure packaging for postage.


With Brisbane Move, your most delicate items will reach to new address safely. We offer a vast variety of packing and unpacking facilities to suit your individual necessities. Our fully trained Movers and Packers are experts in specialist packing techniques from as basic as packing your wardrobe and bed linen to fine China and antiques.

Using an up-to-date range of ecologically friendly, purpose-made packing supplies, our team will pack all of your belongings ready for transportation. This will diminish the burden on you significantly during your removal.

Leave everything from packing to moving in the hands of our Qualified Removalists.
Diverse packing facilities are available.
All packing services are performed by expert and Fully Insured Movers and Packers.



The packing and unpacking services are at affordable prices in a city like Brisbane

You could not truly decide what is going to be more irritating or monotonous alongside each other- the unloading or the loading. We arrange the whole moving thing, irrespective of how much time it takes, how much stuff we have to load, and how long it would be going.

We have patience with all things:

As a team, we patiently wait and pack our clients’ items, products, gadgets, instruments, appliances, and other important possessions and safely unroll everything in the destined whereabouts.

We know how to pack delicate things:

To pack or unpack items that are fragile, intricate, and odd sizes is definitely a rocket science task. We like doing it all and assure you to handle it unbroken.

We count, label, pack and then unpack:

We never know that our storerooms, backyards, and even kitchen were so full of stuff, do we? And, how many outfits, furniture, and extra items we had, did we?

Have a demanding schedule?

Let us do the packing for you while you enjoy the stress-free moving.

Below are what we include in our package.

Full packing service

This moving service is carried out by insured and knowledgeable Movers and Packers. The team will arrive at your address with the whole lot to securely pack whatsoever; from books and clothing to glassware, prestigious art show pieces, musical gadgets, and a variety of household furniture.

To eliminate any misfortunes during transportation, they will also fill in the empty box spaces with paper and seal the boxes with duct tape to keep the items fully secured. Armchairs, mattresses, and delicate fabric will be protected using bubble wrap, shrink wrap and plastic covers.

Fractional packing service

Here, the meticulous packing crew will only pack items that are affectedly selected by you. For illustration, you may only require help with several fragile items in your living room. The billing is calculated per hour, where it doesn’t include the packing material. Our insurance coverage applies only for items packed by our team.

Have all your belongings securely wrapped up in 4 steps


Call to book your professional Packing and Moving team.


The removals crew will arrive with all necessary equipment.


They will carefully pack your belongings to prepare them for the trip.


The removalist will safely move your items as soon as they are done packing.

Brisbane Move knows everything about a goot packing service

Depending upon what kind of moving you are seeking for- is it a relocation, a transition or simply packing/unpacking requisite. As we render all simplest to the complex solution- and thus ante up- packing services, unpacking services, moving packing service, and even both- packing and unpacking services in your city Brisbane.

Giant things are hard to grip:

How about something like framed portraits, giant mirrors, sentimental value possessions, or your most favorite chest/cabinet? We are apt at doing the packing and unpacking both.

Knock, Knock! Our services never fail to impress

Wrapping and then unfolding everything is something complex and tedious at the same time. Why opt carrying out it on your own when someone else could do it like a dream?

It’s nice to have a skilled team:

Boxing/Unboxing the crucial pieces of equipment in the hefty cartons is an onerous responsibility ever. But it can concomitantly be relaxing with us.

Effective packaging equipment for all

We cater to residential premises, commercial establishments, industries, moving and storage companies, producers, manufacturers, retailers and online e-commerce platforms.


A trusted and highly rated moving company where you can get apex grade packing supplies

If speaking about the packing services and unpacking services, then it counts- the stuffing of large and hefty items such as- furniture & movables, cooking appliances, computers and other peripheral devices, electronic gadgets, kitchen chests, boxes, and shelves, bar cabinets & vehicles etc.

In a nutshell, it saves your precious time and let you enjoy your relocation with hassle-free and convenient assistance. The provided solution is not only worth of money but utters awesomesauce experience, right from packing to unloading and then unpacking to putting in place.

Brisbane Move supplies boxes & all other packing gear i.e. shrink wraps, bubble wraps, tapes, carton sealers and strapping equipment for competitive prices. We provide quality packaging products which make moving immensely easy for different buyers.

We provide packing solutions in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast areas.

For more information contact our 24×7 available customer service team or reach us via text.