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Organisation is key for an office relocation

Moving offices and commercial spaces is an entirely different challenge, with more than 10 years’ experience in office relocation, Brisbane Move Office Removals is gratified to be regarded as one of the Queensland’s foremost business relocation experts. Our professional, highly trained office relocation crews are here to make your office move stress free. Moving a commercial space means you will be handling important documents, computers and storage devices, inventories, expensive office furniture and many sophisticated items that might need special attention.


Office and commercial moves often differ in terms of requirement, moving a restaurant might require a completely different skill set and equipment than moving a software house. Therefore, when looking for commercial movers, do ensure that the team assisting you possesses the right kind of expertise and tools.

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Our obligation to offering a great value service is about much more than competitive pricing. We believe it’s about peace of mind that comes from professional and unbiassed advice, vigilant planning, and an accountability to adhere to health and safety guidelines and stick to time lines. Our team of Professional Movers and Packers posses the required skill-set and are equipped with the right kind of tools to ensure a smooth Move. There is no shortage of Moving Blankets, straps and ties and all the trucks have Pallet Jack, Heavy Duty Trolley and a normal dolly and a standard toolkit and drill to help you in dismantling and reassembling your office furniture.

We endeavour to provide a flexible and highly professional service at most reasonable price, whilst not compromising on quality; whether you are a one-man business, or a small to medium size organisation. Our office removals are designed to minimise the disruption to your business and are completely flexible to suit the structure and requirements of your company.

As part of our commercial office removal services, we can offer a wide range of secure storage services, if your move does not involve a straightforward A to B timeline.

Brisbane Move can arrange your move whatever the requirements.

If you need advice in planning your office relocation Brisbane, please feel free to contact us.



Office Relocation in Brisbane.

Genuine commercial removalists who are happy to take charge of your packing, shifting, and transferring without unexpected costs. Sit back and prepare all the things you are seeking for during the office relocation,  with the aid of Brisbane move the number one service provider in the Brisbane CBD.

The crew is never in a hurry:

To ensure your office relocation in Brisbane goes as smoothly as possible, the experts follow protocols to deliver the par excellence help and wait until everything has been shifted/moved to their respective places.

Collaboration and Synchronization without any fuss:

Among the crew, one person reports to the new location and receive the stuff while someone stays back at the previous site until all the trucks have completed their shifting work.

Render labelling to each of the items:

Be it a small stationary thing, high-priced gadget, an expensive peripheral device, or office furniture, they mark their allocated numbers merely to avoid confusion.

What support does an office removalist gives?

Moving an office is even more anxious than shifting of a house or a flat. How about if ‘Brisbane Move’ has everything you seek in an office relocation?
Perhaps, your quest ends here!

We are here with every possible solution to your doubts. Office relocation service performs these mandatory measures to keep a balance among the employees.

Keeps a record of your documents neatly:

Right from keeping all your paperwork in one spot, to protecting your valuable possessions, an office removalist devises a detailed inventory in a précised and organized organizational strategy.

All your most precious assets are safe:

Gives each staff member their allocated token number of all boxes, personal computers, and other devices. Also checks out, the cabinets should be emptied and taped closed for easy removal.

Handle situations and stress:

To meet the requisites, commands, and instructions provided by the clients, our team is always happy to answer any worries, questions or requests, quickly and efficiently


Select the economical office relocation service

Right from managing the time smartly, assembling to-do lists for shifting to incorporating the unpackaging into your existing work & duty schedule, office relocation service in Brisbane (Australia) handles all the aspects of such a large endeavour like a shot.

Our moving arrangements are made on the basis of before the move, i.e., packaging and during the action, i.e., carrying and transferring. The commercial removalists also manage to avoid a total catastrophe: during your relocation, to uphold that everything happens smoothly and without any inconvenience.