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Safety Tips For Dryer Removal.

Safety Tips For Dryer Removal.

When it comes to large appliances, such as relocating a dryer, washing machine or moving a fridge, it is better to hire professional appliance and furniture removalists to help you in the moving. However, if you prefer DIY tasks and have access to a van or truck, here is a step-by-step approach to make the procedure easier.

Use these tips for safe removal of dryers.

Get Across The Manual

Before you begin the moving procedure, read your dryer’s instruction manual to determine if specific components must be secured or removed in a specific manner, or if special equipment is required for the relocation.

If you can’t find the instruction manual, you might be able to access an online version if you type your dryer’s brand and model number into a search engine.

Clean It

Moving is also an excellent time to deep clean your dryer on both the inside and outside so that it is ready for your new home.

Remove the lint trap and clean up all of the lint and debris from the vent with a vacuum cleaner with a suction hose. To thoroughly clean the lint trap, use warm water and mild soap. Allow the lint trap to dry before putting it in the dryer.


Disconnect the vent tube from the wall. Place the vent tube inside it for safekeeping so it does not get misplaced during the move.

Turn off the power switch and unhook the dryer from the power outlet. Tape the power cord to the washing machine to keep it tight.

Keeping the Dryer Safe

Tape the door shut and wrap the dryer in 3 to 4 furniture blankets. The blankets will buffer and protect the it, preventing dings and scratches while it is being transported. 

Relocate The Dryer

Place it on the dolly and secure it with bungee cords or sturdy rope. To avoid internal damage, keep your dryer upright throughout the whole relocation procedure.

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